Each Brand of Advanced Wound Dressing Has Great Opportunity to Grow

Indonesia’s advanced wound dressing market sees promising growth in Indonesia. It is getting more hospitals use wound dressing and it is getting more wound dressing types that entering the market as well. They migrate from traditional to advanced wound dressing for its superior quality.

Advanced wound dressing that used by health care professional in hospitals and clinics began to grow in the early 2000s in Indonesia. The products mainly circulate in type A and B hospitals and it has shown a significant wider usage to more wound cases in recent years. Besides in these large hospital types, advanced wound dressing also used in type C hospital, especially privates, but not quite broadly.  

Modern Wound Dressing Market in Indonesia

Geographic, currently, health facilities that use advanced wound dressing are hospitals that located in urban areas. However, penetration to sub-urban areas began to expand.

From the product perspective, the healthcare professionals use more product types compare to it was a few years ago. They switch from traditional wound dressing such as gauze and bandages to advanced wound dressing because it heals the wound optimally in terms of the integrity tissue, length of healing, and comfort  for the sufferer. Advanced wound dressing  keeps the wound moist and hence, faster the length of wound healing. 

The professionals who work as wound care specialist observe that diabetic wound currently is more complicated compare to that it was in the past. To heal the complicated wound like feet ulcer diabetic wounds of diabetic sufferers, it immensely needs intensive treatment with more advanced technology to speed up their curing time with better tissue recovery. 

Besides its product advantage, using advanced wound dressing brings efficiency on human resource and financial aspects. Differ from traditional wound dressing that should be changed twice a day; advanced wound dressing usage length of life are several days, it is 3 – 5 days for standard products and 7 – 10 days for premium ones. Therefore, it saves the working hours of the nurse who do the wound dressing changing in health facilities. This better human resource efficiency generates the higher financial efficiency. Thus, although the price is more expensive from traditional wound dressing, advanced wound dressing is multiple more effective for the wound and efficient for the hospital financial management.

Apart from the product itself,  the market growth is also driven by the increasing demand from the escalating of the wound cases that need special care, either caused by trauma or diseases mainly diabetic. This phenomenon is derived mainly to the increasing the number of diabetic sufferers in Indonesia from 7.3 million in 2011 to 19.5 million in 2021. The prevalence of diabetic in Indonesia has been increasing rapidly over the past few decades. Ministry of Health recorded a prevalence of diabetic sufferers at 1.5 in 2013, it increased to 2.0 in 2018. This is driven by unhealthy diets, unhealthy lifestyle, and genetic factors.

Advanced wound dressing market just developing in the country within lest than 2 decades, the usage of the products has not been massive yet. The market size is still less than 1 trillion Rupiah. Nevertheless, from the product itself and from the market demand as well, these products have definitely great opportunity to grow. 

From product side, besides the product advantage as have mentioned above, the kinds of the products are getting more vary. The variety is based on the materials of the wound dressing that help in healing the wound. Currently, polyurethan, framycetin, paraffin, hydrocolloid, alginate are some materials that available in the market. Different materials, have different efficacy. Refer to kind of products have been available in other countries, there will be more variety enter Indonesia market. The more various available products, the more options for healthcare professional to select the best one for their patients.

From market side, besides the number of diabetic sufferers that increases and the more complicated wounds, the awareness of the product among professional keeps growing. It is getting more hospitals use advanced wound dressing. The expanding refers to hospital types, as well as geographic hospital location. It is not necessary to mention that those hospitals that have used, the volume usage increase due to the products’ benefit which is superior. Even there is a type A hospital have replaced the traditional wound dressing and use fully advanced wound dressing.  

Advanced wound dressing market that started 20s years ago, currently is in expanding phase of business cycle. The competition has not tight, yet. Each brand has a great opportunity to grow.

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